Strategy - Investor relations

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The Group’s current areas of focus are

  • Enhanced opportunities to grow Gateley organically – including lateral hires of individuals or teams.
  • Making selective acquisitions, including (i) other legal firms which offer geographical expansion or additional specialist services and (ii) professional service businesses offering complementary services.
  • Alignment through share participation, of the interests of shareholders (including employee shareholders) with those of the business, aiding retention of staff and enhancing Gateley’s recruitment appeal.

Organic growth

The UK legal services market continues to exhibit growth and clear opportunities exist for Gateley to grow organically for example by:

  • The retention of existing partners and employees
  • The recruitment of new talent wishing to be a part of a progressive legal services business
  • Benefitting from the enhanced cross-selling opportunities across the Group
  • Entering new regional markets such as the Thames Valley region and the south
  • Improving Gateley’s bank panel representation and “own account” work for banks
  • Extending Gateley’s relationships with the UK’s leading house-builders into new regions and divisions
  • Expanding specialist areas

Acquisitive growth

In addition to organic growth, Gateley strategy is to acquire other professional services businesses to expand the non-legal services it can offer to its clients and to be at the forefront of anticipated consolidation within the UK legal services sector. Acquisitive growth will be achieved through the acquisition of:

  • Legal teams or firms offering niche services, sector specialism or geographic expansion
  • Complementary business services businesses.

A broader set of services will increase the potential for cross-selling to existing clients and represent a stronger sales proposition for potential new clients.


Since our floatation we have introduced a range of employee share schemes that ensure all staff can acquire shares and participate in the financial success of our business. Our aim is to encourage earlier and widespread equity ownership in the business to attract, retain and motivate talent and to ensure all employees can benefit from the Group’s longer term success.